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Great price! It's a great exfoliator to remove dirt, grease, or anything trapped in your pores after a hard day, especially after a long time. I highly recommend it.

LiamSoo'AE - Homme Cleanser & Scrub

This highlighter is the perfect finishing touch for my everyday look. I use the Champagne shade and it gives my yellow undertone a natural glow. I like to apply it to my cheeks and the bridge of my nose so that the light catches the contours of my face. You can layer up for a more dramatic shimmer. I prefer a more subtle light-handed look but I still walk out the door every day feeling luminous.

JinaUnicorn Glow - Highlighter

Love this product! I first got a sample in my Ipsy bag and when I looked up the price to purchase a full size bottle, I couldn’t say no! Foundation + BB cream is a perfect blend of coverage without too much coverage. My cheeks get flush easily and this is the best product I’ve found that hides my redness but doesn’t hide my freckles. I also got some free face and hair products to try with my order which was a great surprise.


This gave me a very fresh feeling, and suds were present. It has a very nice apple scent, and does not overpower the senses. I suggest combing your hair thoroughly before hand though, because minded tangle a bit the further down the hair shaft it went. Overall I am satisfied, and I will be purchasing more! Very clean!

LexHip Chic- That Fresh Hair Apple Vinegar Rinse

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